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    How Old Do You Feel?

    Aging is a natural process which begins at birth and continues
    through our lives. How well we take care of our bodies will greatly
    determine how well we function as we grow older. Proper diet,
    exercise, and health care maintenance can help us live longer and
    healthier lives.

    As we grow older, we are sometimes subjected to structural
    problems such as arthritis and joint stiffness, especially of the spinal
    column. The years of neglect and abuse begin to appear in the form
    of aches and pains. One of the most common complaints of older
    people is loss of joint movement and flexibility. This is due to the
    loss of ability of the elastic discs and ligaments of the spine to move
    and stretch. Muscle loss from lack of exercise also contributes to an
    unstable spine. These muscles are needed to help hold the spinal
    column in its proper position. Without this balance, spinal vertebrae
    tend to slip or move out of alignment. This not only causes pain, but
    can affect the spinal nerves which exit between the vertebrae and
    supply all parts of the body.

    Many conditions thought to be normal effects of aging, such as joint
    stiffness and circulatory problems, can be helped through regular
    spinal adjustments. Spinal care is very important throughout your
    life, but it is especially critical as we grow older and decrease our

    Our body is an amazing machine which constantly strives to
    maintain its normal state of health, even under extreme stress and
    abuse. Give your body a little help with a proper diet, exercise, and
    spinal care. Your future years can become happier and healthier with
    this basic amount of care.

    Remember, good health and feeling good is not limited by your age.

    In the Interest of your Health,
    Dr. D

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