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    Services Available:

    We use the technique that works best for you.

    X-rays, Physical Therapy, Neuromuscular, Manual Traction,
    Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Exercise, Moist Heat Therapy,
    and Cold Therapy

    Massage Therapy
    Neuromuscular or Swedish massage available.

    Auto and Personal Injury
    Comprehensive Exams, Narrative Reports, and Impairment Reports

    Sports Injury

    Scoliosis Exam

    Nutritional Counseling
    Diet modification

    Student health exams for sports or school

    Pregnancy brings extra strain on the body. Backache, pressure on the
    spine, leg pains can all occur.  Using medicines during pregnancy can
    create extra risks.  Chiropractic methods are gentle and safe:  low
    back pain and leg pain can be relieved.  

    Whiplash Injury
    Any sudden impact can place an unnatural demand on the
    musculoskeletal system. The symptoms could take years to
    appear. Chiropractic care is essential in relieving whiplash
    symptoms without the use of drugs, surgery, or immobilization.


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