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                                                   What to Expect: Your First Visit

    The first important step is getting to know you and evaluating your health history. The consultation allows both the
    doctor and the patient to determine the best route for future treatments.

    Your examination will be thorough and may include various tests to help us completely understand your condition.
    Our primary objectives are to quickly relieve pain and hasten your return to health!

    Upon reflection, most patients readily understand how previous childhood/adult/athletic injuries may pre-date
    present symptoms by months or even years. Chiropractors know that untreated or neglected injuries often caused
    by body compensation set the stage for present complaints and symptoms.

        Mindful of this, you will appreciate the benefits of an in-depth health history consultation and examination. As
        indicated, your examination includes any necessary physical and neurological test procedures that will allow
        Dr.DeCubellis to detect spinal misalignment, loss of function, and/or physical imbalance.

    If your case requires a written medical report for legal or evaluation purposes, please inform us prior to your

    An x-ray is like a life-size blueprint. When views are necessary, state-of-the-art equipment and low dosage
    techniques are used. We look at more than just disease, and after this possibility is eliminated, the structure and
    alignment (subluxations) are assessed. You are welcome to bring previous films with you for comparison.

    Both experienced and first-time chiropractic patients often imagine the doctor as having a second pair of eyes in his
    fingers due to his ability to detect problem areas by feeling (palpation).

    However, what lies beneath surface tissue can only be seen through x-ray. This is why such diagnostic imaging may
    be necessary to accurately detect prior or present skeletal conditions relating to the patient's condition.

        Minimum radiologic exposure is required to complete a thorough spinal study, which can be fully
        explained to you upon request.

       Your Total Health Report
       Enough time is allowed to completely explain your specific findings. Recommendations for future treatment and care
       are always mutually agreed upon.