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Our Unique Approach:

We do not do cold adjustments.  Dr. DeCubellis begins with the
      use of moist heat* with neuromuscular release** to reduce muscle
      spasm and stiffness prior to the adjustment.

      This allows for less force to realign the displaced vertebrae, more
      comfort for the patient, and increased holding time of the
      adjustment. Response time is reduced and patients feel better
      sooner !


*Moist Heat: Temperature has a significant influence on the mechanical behavior of
connective tissue under stress. As tissue temperature rises, the stiffness decreases
and extensibility increases. By the use of heat prior to spinal manipulation, the tissue is
allowed to be stretched for a prolonged period. This allows the manipulation of less
force to accomplish greater movement and to remain in that postition for longer periods.

**Neuromuscular Release, otherwise known as "neuromuscular reeducation," is
defined as the reeducation of movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense,
posture, and proprioception.

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